China Commodity Index


Mirror of the Chinese Commodity Market

The COMPASS China Commodity Index (“CCCI” or the “Index”) has been designed to provide a liquid and replicable representation of consumed commodities in China. The index aims to give a fair representation of the Chinese commodity market. Consequently, it is focused on Chinese commodity future contracts only.

Whereas other commodity benchmarks are clearly US focused, the CCCI has all its components listed and traded in China in Yuan. The CCCI is then a mirror of the Chinese commodity market.

As of March 31st 2017, the CCCI Index has 31 components and covers all the sectors such as energy, agriculture, precious and industrial metals.

More details are available on the Index Factsheet.


COMPASS China Commodity Index

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Compass China Commodity Sub-Indices List

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COMPASS China Commodity Index

Index Factsheet


COMPASS China Commodity Index

Index Manual

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